Cloud Nurdz 100 ML Eliquid

  • KIWI Melon by Cloud Nurdz eLiquid | 100ml

    Candy wrapped kiwis capture your senses on the inhale. While your taste buds are being washed away by saturating smooth and savory juice of melons on the exhale. This feels touchy and amazing.

  • Cloud NURDZ Grape Apple: When you slam a ripened grape and tangy green apple together and infuse it with a spray on candy, you end up with one of the most fascinating flavor combinations. The complex trio of flavors creates an overwhelming taste experience that defines the meaning of sweet and sour.
  • Cloud NURDZ Strawberry Grape: With this remarkable flavor combination, both succulent strawberries and ripened grapes team together for a duo of the century, creating a marvelous taste that can’t go unexperienced. If you’re a fan of the two flavors, you’ll certainly enjoy its added layers or spray on candy that makes the taste magical.
  • Cloud NURDZ Strawberry Lemon: Enjoy the twisted sensation of a sweet strawberry flavor paired with bitter lemon, creating an outstanding taste experience that is a must try. Combine the two outstanding flavor offerings with a candied mix and you’re able to enjoy the taste of excellence in each draw.
  • Cloud NURDZ Watermelon Apple: It’s everyone’s favorite flavors combined together in a pool of delicious tastes. The duo of flavors consists of juicy watermelon and a crisp apple, with a hint of candied layers that were added merely to please your sweet tooth. If you want to taste a delicious pairing of flavors with an added candied bonus, this is one you can’t pass up.
  • Cloud NURDZ Watermelon Apple Iced: If there are two fruit flavors that everyone can agree to enjoy, it’s watermelon and apple, and this flavor combines them both. It’s a blend of juicy, mouthwatering watermelon and sweet apples, candied and layered with a refreshing mix of menthol to deliver the right cool.