MANGO PITAYA PINEAPPLE – The intense natural flavors of juicy mango e-juice, succulent pitaya, and tangy pineapple vape juice is a merge of flavor that is to die for.

PEACH PAPAYA COCONUT CREAM – The flavor provides sweet peach notes with undertones of juicy papaya and creamy coconut.

FUJI APPLE STRAWBERRY NECTARINE – Fuji apples, strawberries, and nectarine, this juice leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for whatever may come your

PEAR ACAI – On inhale of Pachamama Pear Acai vape juice the rush of ripened acai berries will flood your taste buds introducing sweet and tarty flavor notes with soft undertones of juicy pear. During exhale is when the yummy pear flavors emerge and take over

BLOOD ORANGE, BANANA, GOOSEBERRY – Blood Orange consists of slices of dense bananas, blood orange juice, and tangy gooseberries. If you have a knack for citrus with gentle undertones of banana vape juice this fruit flavor will make your taste buds go bananas!