RipTide Ripstick and disposable pods



Riptide offers various disposable e-liquid Pods for the Riptide Ripstick featuring innovative Nictech nicotine, offering an excellent nicotine delivery. Nictech nicotine is immensely more effective, created using an innovative process, which offers cleaner, fresher and smoother vapor, while also being free of Benzoic Acid and tobacco nicotine. Available in 25 and 50mg

Tropical POD is an amazingly delicious fusion of tropical rainforest fruits, including coconut, juicy Georgia peaches, and ripe strawberries.

Blue Raspberry POD is overflowing with sweet and succulent wild blue raspberries with a delicious sour flavor that is sure to make your mouth pucker.

Mint POD is an ice cold minty flavor with notes of sweetness that will rejuvenate and refresh your palate.

Bright Leaf Tobacco is a traditional tobacco blend with a bold and robust taste that is sure to be your new go to tobacco flavor.