SMOK Mesh coil is a revolutionary 0.15 Ohm coil, an advanced one in this industry. It has mesh inside, which can effectively enlarge the heating area. It is recommended for the wattage 40-80W and best for the wattage 60-70W. When you use this coil you will be surprised by its fast heating process and huge vapor production.

Here comes V12 Prince Strip Coil, made of Kanthal, a revolutionary new one with unbreakable power. Its porous structure brings great surface absorption which can fasten the speed of e-juice absorption as well as enlarge the heating area. Therefore, it will make the heating even and help the e-juice heat up quickly. Under the resistance of 0.15 ohms, it can easily load higher power compared to other traditional heating wires.

Larger heating area & purer flavor
0.15 Ohm
40W-100W (Best 80W-90W)

V12 Prince-Q4

Brings you deep and rich vapor

0.4 ohm Quadruple coils

40-100W / Best 60-80W

V12 Prince-X6

Brings you silky taste and massive vapor

0.15 ohm Sextuple coils

50-120W / Best 80-100W

V12 Prince-T10

Brings you massive vapor and rich flavors

0.12 ohm Decuple coils

60-120W / Best 80-110W

V12 Prince M4

Applicable to mechanical mod – brings you silky and rich cloud taste

0.17 Ohm Quadruple coils

30-70W / Best 40-60W

V12 Prince STRIP

Larger heating area and purer flavor

0.15 Ohm

40-100W / Best 80-90W

V12 Prince MESH

Strong power and huge vapor production

0.15 Ohm

40-80W / Best 60-70W

V12 Prince Dual MESH

Larger heating area & faster heating speed

0.2 Ohm Dual Coils

50-80W / Best 65-75W

V12 Prince Triple MESH

Super strong power & super large cloud

0.15 Ohm Triple Coils

60-100W / Best 80-90W

V12 Prince Max MESH

Brings your mighty power and gigantic cloud

0.17 Ohm Coils

70-130W / Best 100-120W