We carry replacement squonk bottles, refill bottles, squonk mods and rda’s Q: What is the benefit of Squonking? There’s a couple benefits (other than convenience) for using a bottom fed atomizer. Due to the fact these devices are box mods with an RDA, using a squonking device you don’t need to re-drip your RDA so often because it is pulling ejuice into it. The internal bottle can come out and be re-filled when you want to, so the need to carry a bottle with you isn’t always necessary. Squonking mods are very similar to the performance offered by rebuildable dripping atomizers. With an RDA, you drip liquid directly into your atomiser. RDAs are popular because they make it very easy to switch between flavours and the process tends to produce denser clouds and bolder flavour than the traditional tank. The problem with RDAs is they can be messy and inconvenient – you have to constantly carry a bottle of e-liquid on you and the process of dripping can mean you end up with e-liquid all over your kit. Squonking offers the same performance but eliminates the need to actually drip each time by building a solution right into the design.